So i’ve recently been discussing with people about some of the inspirations behind my pieces and realised that I don’t get much of an opportunity to chat to my audience one on one about my work. So I thought I would share the inspiration and the story behind my Iris series of work. 

I have lovely memories of being a child in my Nanny T’s garden and her telling me all about the flowers she was growing. When she passed away we transplanted a lot of these flowers into our own garden to remember her by, and through the years they’ve made themselves at home. 

The Irises have been a particular success and we’ve now got patches of them all over the garden. This year, loads of them came up outside my studio window and I took it as a sign that I needed to paint them. 

I love the combination of the bold yellow against the deep purple of the Iris and the unique textures and patterns on the petals. In response to these flowers I creates a series of mini pieces inspired by these Irises. 

I’ve recently created some new pieces with more bold yellow accents that i’m going to be releasing soon in a similar style so keep an eye out for those! 

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