New Branding, New Ethos

I’m delighted to introduce my new branding. Done by an amazing local designer #supportlocal

And with new branding comes great responsibility..

I found this post on Facebook today and it really resonated with me and helps explain why I chose my new branding. 

I find self promotion really difficult, especially this time of year when there’s a lot of pressure to ‘put myself out there’. But I think this post sums up the rethink that we need to have around gifts, especially given the situation with the climate at the moment. 

As part of my new branding, I’m aiming to only use recycled paper products and recycled packaging from now on. 

I’ve been making steps towards this for a while now so I wanted to share things I’ve already achieved, because it’s important to celebrate what progress you’ve already made as well as looking forward to where you’re aiming at. 


  • All my prints are on recycled paper
  • My Christmas cards have recycled envelopes and no plastic packaging.  
  • I recycle old canvases (it gives better texture anyway!) 
  • My business cards are on recycled paper
  • I save and reuse parcel packaging to ship your orders.

Just a heads up, obviously I’m not going to ‘throw away’ old non-recycled aspects of my business because that would defeat the object of what I’m trying to achieve, so while I may still have things going out with non-recycled elements at the moment, please note it’s in progress and it will be achieved!

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