Round Lemon Kitchen Gallery Exhibtion

I was thrilled to have two of my pieces selected to be a part of a unique exhibition, hosted by Birmingham based art collective, Round Lemon. The curation of the work, in the kitchen of community space, Moseley Hive, challenged traditional ways that artwork is presented by making the space accessible to all. 

It was great to be a part of such a great group of artists in this interesting exhibition, and to see the public engaging with the work in a different way. 

I love seeing art in unusual places, especially where the location is less formal and more accessible to all. I don’t believe that art appreciation should be elitist, and limited to gallery based spaces. I feel that this puts a lot of people off engaging with art, because they feel intimidated by a gallery space, especially commercial galleries, where they feel pressure to buy work. 

Big thanks to Round Lemon for organising such a great exhibition.

Head to Instagram for a full exhibition tour in case you missed out.

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