Interview by Ishika Guha

I’m thrilled to share a recent artist interview completed by the amazingly talented artist Ishika Guha for her series of Art Talks. 

I loved talking to Ishika and was so honoured for the opportunity of the interview and chatting about our art journeys. Having a mutual love for abstract painting and Ishika’s amazing skill made the compliments about my work seem even more poignant. 

‘I love your technique Bobbie and love how unique they are with your own forms of mark makings as well! It is interesting to know how you use your bold colours straight from the tubes after selecting them in response to an emotion and how skillfully you use your oil paints to achieve those fascinating layers. Utterly incredible!’ 

Read the full interview here:

Don’t forget to check out Ishika’s amazing work @rainbowsnfireflies on Instagram!

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